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Architectural Design
Civil Engineering
Building Envelope Cosultants
Structural Engineering
Historic Preservation
MEP Engineering
Interior Design
Technologis - 3D Printing / 3D Laser Scanner / Drone Camera Capture / Infrared Camera Captur

Architects, building envelope specialists, preservationists, interior designers, engineers (structural, civil and m/e/p), and technology experts.

Architectural Design


MartinRiley offers the full range of architecture services. From feasibility studies and master planning to assistance with fundraising, community relations, and government regulations, MartinRiley's registered architects have many years of experience with: adaptive reuse, aviation, civic, corporate and commercial, education, distribution and manufacturing, federal, healthcare, higher education, K-12, mixed-use/MFH, multi-tenant and residential, parks and recreation, and senior living.



  • Architectural design and documentation

  • Bidding and construction administration

  • Codes/regulation studies

  • Contextual architecture

  • Facility assessments

  • Feasibility/reuse studies

  • Integrated project delivery

  • Life-cycle cost and maintenance comparison

  • Master planning

  • Programming and space needs

  • Sustainable design

  • 3D renderings and 3D printed models
    (see also: A&E Technologies)

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Building Envelope Consultants


We understand that 50% of all building problems are associated with the failure of the roof, masonry, or exterior wall. That's why we specialize in building envelope consulting and design and roof asset management services.


All of our solutions are designed on a case-by-case basis, and a thorough investigation is made to find the right solution at the lowest cost for the owner. Because we are not tied to any particular manufacturer or products, we are able to offer you the best selection and service.


  • Asbestos designs + inspectors - EPA approved

  • Building envelope assessment reports

  • Curtain wall restoration + design

  • Destructive testing of materials

  • Educational presentations + training sessions

  • Expert witness

  • Failure analysis

  • Forensic analysis + investigation

  • Green roof design

  • Independent roofing audits

  • Infrared thermoscans
    (see also: A&E Technologies)

  • Life-cycle cost analysis

  • Low-slope + steep-slope roof design

  • Masonry design

  • Waterproofing design

Building Envelope
Historic Preservation


Our Fort Wayne office is located in the historic Baker Street Train Station. And our work restoring that location is a testament to the firm's commitment to preserving our nation's historic sites, and finding new and innovative ways to breathe new life into deserving buildings.


Our state-certified historic architecture staff has designed many award winning projects involving historic renovation and adaptive reuse. We can transform a century-old school into senior housing, or an abandoned hospital into a multi-functional office, while allowing them to give tribute to the history of the original space. It is our belief that historic structures and building techniques can coexist with contemporary uses.



  • Determinations of Eligibility + National Register nominations

  • Facade renovations + grants

  • Feasibility studies

  • HABS/HAERS/HALS documentation

  • Historic building conditions assessments

  • Historic structures report

  • Reuse studies

  • Section 106 reviews

Historic Preservation
Inteior Design


We provide all aspects of interior design / interior architecture services, including space planning, lighting design, and facility programming. There are so many things to consider as we create the interior environments we spend so much of our lives in; let us walk you through all those considerations for a phenomenal end result that reflects your specific functional needs, sustainability goals, and your personal brand or identity.


Standard interior design services:

  • Conceptual design

  • Cost analysis

  • Finish selection

  • Interior specifications

  • Programming

  • Space planning

  • Sustainable design


Enhanced interior design services:

  • Accessories - artwork, plants

  • Furniture, fixtures + equipment selection

  • Lighting design

  • Window treatments

  • 3D Interior renderings

Interior Design
Structural Engieering


Our structural team works in new construction and existing renovations, both with our in-house architects and separate of them. And while a significant part of our clientele is in the industrial and processing arena, we also work regularly on a wide range of commercial, institutional, educational, municipal, and residential projects.


Because of our diverse experience, our abilities really run the gamut: whether you are looking for an in-situ condition assessment, deep or shallow foundation design, structural steel design, masonry, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, cold-form steel or timber/wood framing design, our expert team can deliver on all of it.


  • Building adaptations & new facilities

  • Crane systems

  • Equipment + machinery support

  • Fall protection + safety engineering

  • Mechanical conveying systems support

  • Platforms + maintenance access

  • Structural analysis & design

  • Structural condition assessments & evaluations

Structural Engineering
MEP Engineering


Our team of engineers is versatile! Yes, they support us on most all of our architectural commissions, but they regularly work with their own clients on projects that are “engineering only”.  With over 25 years in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering designs, our team is ready to take on your project. We have a wide range of project type experience, that even includes understanding the unique environment and special requirements of industrial process engineering. We also have firsthand experience implementing building controls and building automation systems (BAS), and MartinRiley routinely performs energy analysis / audits for our partners - helping to identify cost saving and efficiency solutions.



  • ARC flash analysis

  • Building commissioning

  • Climate analysis

  • Code and regulation assessments

  • Cogeneration

  • Daylighting analysis

  • Energy simulation modeling

  • Facility assessment & energy audits  

  • Geothermal

  • HVAC systems

  • Life cycle cost analysis

  • Lighting design

  • Plumbing design

  • Power distribution

  • Solar photovoltaic

  • Solar thermal

  • Sustainable design

MEP Engineering
Civil Engineering


Our civil offerings includes, among other things, design of vehicular and pedestrian flow patterns through a site, design and permitting for stormwater management, grading design, utility service plans, and traffic control. We can help you with municipal water and sewer improvements, flood control, commercial and residential land development, and GIS mapping.


Not only do we offer traditional site/civil services, but we can also help you achieve your recreation project goals! Over the years our architecture and civil experts have developed a passion for the places we play. From aquatic centers and splash pads to playgrounds and sports complexes - we love helping communities use these places to enhance their quality of life.


Traditional Site/Civil Services:

  • Circulation system design

  • Comprehensive plans

  • Downtown planning

  • Environmental factors

  • Land analysis

  • Public input processes

  • Storm-water management

  • Site analysis

  • Street improvements


Recreation Services:

  • Athletic grounds and complexes

  • Large aquatic facilities

  • Neighborhood parks and walking paths

  • Playgrounds

  • Water parks, splash pads, spraygrounds

Civil Engineering
Technologis - 3D Printing / 3D Laser Scanner / Drone Camera Capture / Infrared Camera Captur


Nearly every professional architecture and engineering firm utilizes the power of BIM (Business Information Modeling) these days. MartinRiley was the first firm in our region to commit to apply BIM technology to 100% of our projects and we continue to push the limits of its capabilities. What many firms cannot offer though, are the advanced technologies that tie into BIM and/or support all of our expert disciplines.


Traditional methods of data collection require days or weeks on-site and can easily result in missed and inaccurate information. At MartinRiley, we use some of the latest technology available to collect our field data. Utilizing laser scanners, drones and infrared, we are able to gather detailed, highly accurate, as-built conditions quickly. This means less disruption and downtime to the client.


We also put an emphasis on 3D renderings for our clients, knowing that effective communication of the end result is directly tied to client satisfaction, and fostering the long-term partnerships that are so important to us. We’ve taken this a step further, and have invested in our own 3D printer to print architectural models. And we can tell you from first hand experience, high quality renderings and 3D models for clients who need to rally community support or cast a vision to a wide audience are undoubtedly, game changers.



  • Business Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Drone camera capture

  • Infrared thermal scans

  • 3D laser scanning

  • 3D model printing

  • 3D rendering

A&E Technologies
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