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Fort Wayne Allen County Airport Authority (15+ Years of Indefinite Delivery Contract Work)

​​Over the years, MartinRiley has been honored to provide multiple years of indefinite delivery projects to FWACAA (Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority). These projects range it type from door replacements, roof replacements and repairs, lighting and security upgrades to larger projects like the IVY Tech School of aviation (and it’s later conversion to the Smith Field Aero Center), new Snow Removal Equipment Building, and many interior renovations, some of which are described below.

First Class Concessions: This 4,800 sf tenant build-out project renovated space to create two locations for Seattle’s Best Coffee (one air-side, one land-side), a new Gift Shop (land-side), and Samuel Adam’s restaurant (air-side - with a sally port, providing to-go service to land-side as well). The gift shop also includes retail space for famous Fort Wayne companies, De Brand Chocolates and Vera Bradley.

Welcome Center: The new Welcome Center at Fort Wayne International Airport is easily accessible and visitor friendly. It provides information and amenities, houses the Host program and their supplies and makes a statement about Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana. Designed to be distinctly different than other terminal spaces, the Welcome Center is particularly bright. It is warm and friendly but also looks current and leading edge.

Terminal Upgrades: terminal upgrades incorporate FWACAA’s new branding and a fresh, contemporary look throughout the interior. Column renovations, painting, and new lounge seating provided an overall face-lift, while the creation of three new spaces in the terminal—a Business Center, Children’s Play Area, and the Family Center—met highly sought passenger needs.

*© 2019 Michael Firsich Architectural + Interior Photography


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