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Riverside Gardens

Riverside Gardens

Between the park board and MartinRiley, these amenities were imagined and designed to improve this 11.3 acre park. (The site previously had only restrooms, a handful of beautiful but underutilized pavilions, and unpaved walking paths.) A new splash pad is fed from a newly drilled well. Gentler portions of the splash pad are at the outside allowing small children to play at the perimeter and move toward the center at their comfort. The design utilizes splash pad runoff to feed the play creek. Natural sandstone stepping stones in and along the play creek allow for different areas to sit or play. The new ½ acre pond adds visual interest to the landscape and a place for ice skating in winter months. Runoff from the splash pad and play creek feed into the pond, where overflow is released into the adjacent Cedarville Reservoir rather than the storm water system. This means the owner does not have to recirculate the water or treat it with chemicals. Additional improvements include: full ADA accessibility, playground, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, maintenance building, new and resurfaced trails, native plantings, picnic tables, benches, shade structures, signage, and site lighting powered by photovoltaic (solar) panels.


Project Type

Architecture, MEP Engineering, A&E Technologies


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