Lutheran Foundation

The site of the original Lutheran Hospital within the City of fort Wayne is now the site of the Lutheran Foundation and a 10 acre neighborhood park. Also on the site was The Duemling Clinic which when built in the 1920’s was the premier medical office building in the city, When the Lutheran Foundation decided to move into this three story, 21,000 ft² building it was in need of restoration and renovation—both interior and exterior. The needs of the Foundation were for first class office space and premier appearance.

The building exterior - roof, masonry, terra cotta and windows were all in need of care or replacement. Of most concern was the deterioration of mortar joints and damaged terra cotta. Care was taken to perform restoration to the building exterior that was consistent with original material and architectural style. New landscaping and exterior lighting were also a part of the program. The landscaping for the immediate grounds surrounding the building integrate into the landscaping for the adjacent park.


Ron Ross

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